About Us Ashish Donga

Hello dear reader my self Ashish donga who is passionate about SEO and web development without any talk so let's start with my journey in leaning and doing SEO 

April 2022 when I got my new smartphone by my parents that time on YouTube I was finding how to make money online that time I found blogging and SEO

after that I have start my own blog and implement all different strategies on blog, but I don't get too much success because I haven't any resources or good knowledge also my blog topic is out of my interest

after 2 unsuccessful blogs I learn lot off different thing and as well as YouTube and social media ranking stuff

today I have my successful blog running on, but I can't share with you because of privacy and I have implemented SEO for other small brand 

currently doing web development on ReactJS technologies as well as blogging 

I would like to help other person, so I share my web development and SEO guide on Quora

thank you reading and spending a valuable time to know me


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